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Submitted On 2007-03-08

Are you a physician struggling to figure out how to start a new business, or enhance your medical practice? If you're a doctor who is eager to learn how to become an entrepreneur, or at least a better business person, sign up for The Entrepreneurial MD Newsletter.

The monthly Entrepreneurial MD Newsletter is available by signing up for a free report called "Crack the Code to Becoming an Entrepreneurial Physician" or by signing up on the "Free Stuff" page on The Entrepreneurial MD website, at As an aspiring or actual physician entrepreneur, you are welcome to take advantage of the many resources, including complimentary monthly teleclasses on a wide array of business topics, a regularly updated Blog, articles, a special downloadable report, a complimentary 10-part e-course called "10 Mistakes to Avoid as a Physician Entrepreneur" and focused teleseminar programs. If you are ready and eager to work on your new business idea, you can sign up for one-on-one physician entrepreneur coaching.

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