The Goddess Quartelry Ezine
Submitted On 2005-11-07

The Goddess Quarterly e-zine aspires to awaken the Divine Feminine that lives within everyone - regardless of gender, sexual preference, race, ethnicity or religion.. The Goddess Quarterly strives to present this information accurately and honestly with a pagan slant. The cosmos are interrelated and, therefore, so are human beings. Everyone is kin and connected by soul, heart, blood and intelligence. This is the kind of community sought after to bring people together in a circle of good, honest discussion. The Goddess Quarterly wants to bring readers intriguing, classical Goddess analyses as well as thought-provoking and soul-inspiring experiences including poetry, short stories, art, photography and hymns. If it displays a love and reverence for the Divine, we want it! Displaying the duality of the feminine nature, we believe, can about a peaceful, egalitarian existence and higher honoring for the more feminine side of humanity.

Tags: information, pagan, poetry, short stories, art, photography, hymns

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