The Gold Mission - So far No Good
Submitted On 2007-06-16

Throughout history, Mythological tales, Historical events and Biblical references, one keyword is always present, either as the reason or the result of many events. The word is 'Gold' and it is so powerful that it has been directing human history. God is demanding gold, he is using gold dust, the Argonauts would bring back the Golden skin, The Tower of Babel was built as a landing place for celestial chariots transporting gold, just to name a few. Many Mythological stories are rather historical events and the involved gods are not mythological characters associated with nature but real alien humans obtaining gold for their home planet. The gold tranformed into gold powder appears to be an elixir for health and longevity and even as powerful fuel for interplanetary journeys. The question is not as philosophical as it apperas. Mytholocical characters or real persons, they have indeed created and directed human history. are they friends or enemies? Do they wish us prosperity or are they working for their own interests according to their own agendas?

Target Audience: Freethinking persons seeking answers about existential questions.

Tags: Gold,gods,Christianity,Islam,Babel Tower,Gold powder,argonautic expedition,fuel

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