The Golf Experience And Your Health
Submitted On 2007-08-26

Health, fitness and the golf game

Health and fitness have become key considerations for many people and golfers are just now catching up. A trend toward riding golf cars has deprived so many of valuable exercise easily gained through the game of golf. Golf courses have promoted riding carts as a means of ensuring good course usage while inadvertently helping the aging and poor health aspects of people’s lives.

The Canadian golf experience has moved forward much more quickly than the American experience primarily because of weather. The intense heat of the American south during much of the year promoted the use of riding carts without regard to health issues. In Canada, golfers have started a movement away from riding carts to the user-friendly manual and remote control electric caddies. Those amazing machines allow golfers to casually walk the golf course in good time, use their muscle groups and get a cardiovascular work-up all at the same time. Even in quite hot conditions, walking the open spaces of a golf course, often with cooling breezes blowing is an enjoyable and health promoting experience. Since the new technologies have reduced the weight of caddies significantly, it’s easy to carry refreshments, snacks etc. Walking and carrying clubs, while having benefits, is often a back breaking and tiring exercise, which many golfers simply cannot do. The option of using a riding cart put those people in a position to play golf, even though they lost some important benefits to doing so.

Today, have available 3 models of caddies assembled in Nova Scotia, Canada, which have proven to be reliable, well built and modestly priced. The smallest caddie, a 150-watt single motor, rheostat controlled, quick release treaded wheels caddie will transport medium weight bags, clubs and the extras without difficulty, the 180 watt single motor caddie, more versatile, heavier construction and able to carry more weight and the dual 200 watt motors, remote control caddie, with forward reverse left right, emergency stop, distance stop, front wheel alignment is the best caddie available for all golfers. All feature high quality electronic components, 2-year parts warranty through pay-less-get-more, quick fold and battery carry bags. The remote caddie with it’s forth balance wheel allows golfers to walk to their ball, select a club, then send the caddie around sand traps, over knolls, around ponds, to the next tee or wherever required with no fuss or bother. The caddies are quiet and unobtrusive and move about the course like little robots following the masters’ instructions.

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