The Inner Bonding Journal
Submitted On 2009-02-10

The Inner Bonding Journal is filled with information and articles regarding the powerful Inner Bonding healing process.

Inner Bonding is an easy-to-learn system, a roadmap presenting clear steps that, when practiced, brings rapid results in understanding our feelings and behavior, resolving our fears and false beliefs that control our lives, and gives us clear direction toward becoming loving to ourselves and others. Healing our deeper issues through INNER BONDING results in the peace, joy, fulfillment and empowerment that we all seek but find so elusive.

Inner Bonding is a powerful six-step mind/body/spirit healing process that will transform your life by teaching you to:

* Recognize your true worth

* Discover your passion and purpose in life

* Take loving care of your heart, mind, body, and spirit

* Take responsibility for your own feelings of pain and joy, safety and worth

* Create deeply satisfying and enduring love relationships

Target Audience: Anyone interested in emotional and spiritual healing and in creating loving relationships

Tags: relationship help, self improvement, spiritual growth, personal development, self help, addiction re

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Ezine Owner: Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

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Testimonial for The Inner Bonding Journal

"Thank you very much for all the wisdom and love you give every week!"

"I love this newsletter. It is soul food to me. It has the ring of truth, and feels like a great source of wisdom - the one I was really looking for! Thank you."

"It is comprehensive, offering resources that you won't find in other newsletters or other websites."

"I wish everyone on the planet could understand the value of Inner Bonding. It is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I am so very grateful it exists. Thank you very much."

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