The Instinctive Leader
Submitted On 2007-01-16

Monthly musings on the relationship of horses to the workplace. Horses naturally seek a strong confident and consistent leader, the same qualities required to be successful in the workplace. Through the metaphor of the horse The Instinctive Leader explores the connection humans have to horses and how that relationship can help us become better leaders.

Target Audience: Business Unit Managers, Corporate Trainers, Personal or Professional Development

Tags: leadership, management, professional development, emotional intelligence, relationship management, l

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"I was thrilled to find something that crosses my work and personal realms. I'm still hearing 'why it was so good for me' stories. Chaz helped me to believe that I can be heard and not to underestimate my abilities on my quest of self-assuredness. "

Connie Atkinson, Nexen Inc

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