The Intimate Couple E-Zine
Submitted On 2009-02-23

Deepen intimacy with your spouse and experience a marriage the way it was meant to be!

The Intimate Couple E-Zine is published monthly by Jim and Carrie Gordon and includes a variety of interesting items to encourage and help couples to develop and deepen sexual, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual intimacy in their relationships!

E-Zine topics include: -News Items Related to Intimacy -Questions and Answers (questions submitted by our readers) -Inspiring Quotes -Tips for You to Use -Books We’re Reading

Who are Jim and Carrie Gordon? They are… -married over 28 years and still very much “in love” with one another! -passionate to see other couples experience pure intimacy in their relationships -facilitators of pre-marriage classes for couples preparing for marriage -supporters of couples experiencing challenges in their marriages -presenters of the “The Intimate Couple Marriage Seminar” for engaged and married couples -authors of the “7 Day Sex Challenge Course” and the website

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Target Audience: Married couples and Singles preparing for marriage

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"We would just like to congratulate you on the job that you're doing for a lot of marriages."

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