The Journal of Spirited Coaching
Submitted On 2008-08-04

Inspirational, practical, helpful articles about improving and empowering oneself. Subjects covered are always varied and include alternative health, working with energy, Tarot card interpretations, astrological influences, healing the Earth, personal boundaries, gratitude... anything and everything that will help you improve the quality of your life.

Target Audience: women and men in mid-life who are facing life changes that are either voluntary or forced on them.

Tags: life coaching, life purpose, alternative health, spiritual, metaphysical, new age, life changes

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Ezine Owner: Kathy Wilson

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Testimonial for The Journal of Spirited Coaching

Your newsletter is always a "breath of fresh air" in my Inbox. Thanks for the energy you continue to send out and nurture in our world. Love & blessings, Betsy

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