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Submitted On 2009-04-28

Free 'Killer' marketing, advertising and wealth attraction secrets for small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, speaker and authors.

Discover the secrets to attraction more clients, get them spending more and referring more people. All while freeing your time.

Plus, bonus FREE report for every new subscriber "The Ultimate Small Business Recession Shelter" - 48 pages packed full of real world strategies to 'kick' recession out the door.

Target Audience: Small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, speakers and authors.

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Testimonial for The 'Killer' Marketing Newsletter

"I do a niche cleaning business, cleaning mattresses and carpets. I have taken up the idea to cross sell a micor cleaning cloth to my customers, and this does not take much effort as I am already at the customer's premises, and the increase in profits for very little effort, boosts my profits by at least 20% more per customer.

Henry has jump started my biz. I did more with two months of knowledge, than I achieved with two years of business experience. I used to procrastinating a lot, and now with a Henry's help, I have accelerating my biz knowledge in the shortest possible way."

John Isidore Krishna

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