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Submitted On 2009-04-20

Jim Clemmer's Leader Letter is probably the most comprehensive free leadership newsletter you will find anywhere on the net. Written in the same browser-friendly style of Jim's bestselling books, The Leader Letter is filled with articles, advice and a variety of reader questions and answers that deal with issues of organizational, team, and personal effectiveness. Visit the archive to have a look at some of the past issues, and I think you'll agree, this is one newsletter you need to read.

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Testimonial for The Leader Letter

“I like your material because it's typically very insightful yet practical at the same time. I give advice to all levels of managers and supervisors and you are one of the few 'gurus' whose work can be shared with both senior and first level managers.”

“The Leader Letter gives me practical ideas and themes for sharing with other managers within my organization.”

“Our whole salaried staff sees The Leader Letter monthly. It is the reason Jim was chosen to facilitate our Leadership Conference in the Canadian Rockies May 8 and 9. Our entire team is buzzing and those who were not there are infected with the energy and positivism we caught. We have action teams who are accountable for addressing the ‘strategic imperatives’ we identified with Jim's help. Our company will be even greater because of The Leader Letter and the two days spent with Jim. Thanks again.”

“I am currently working on developing a culture of change and continuous improvement within our organization. As such I find any information on leading change to be very useful. It is also always nice to read something up beat to help keep my energy levels high.”

“It is very helpful. I use it as a basis for providing counsel to managers. It makes me smarter, wiser.”

“The Leader Letter frequently reminds me to continue to read other materials. I share a lot of readings with my staff, to get them to look at their work as supervisors of others in a different way. Most were promoted from within and had limited if any managerial experience. As their primary and sometimes only language is Spanish, I do a lot of translating. Many of the letters are both worthy of the effort and of a length that I can handle. I'm looking forward to your moose book.”

“I really enjoy the newsletter and encourage all my students in Human Resources and Management courses to sign up for the newsletter for themselves.”

“I'm a big fan of The Leader Letter. I use it extensively for presentations and general inspiration to our senior managers (always attributing credit to source of course).”

Personal Inspiration and Practical Applications

“I look forward to receiving the newsletter and find it very practical information that's immediately applicable. The stories are enjoyable reading.”

“I look forward to seeing your name up on my screen regularly as I know when I read your newsletter I'm going to take something away to use either for self improvement, to think about, or to share with others.”

“I like The Leader Letter for its practical, common sense approach to issues confronting us.”

“I really enjoy reading The Leader Letter. I find it encourages me to reflect on issues that have occurred within my work environment and assess how future situations could be managed more effectively.”

“Extremely practical. Many ideas can be taken directly from the newsletter and applied to day-to-day leadership issues.”

“Your newsletter helps me gain perspective and keep focus.”

“I find the newsletter informative, practical and inspirational. There is always something in the newsletter that is right for ‘now.’ Keep up the good work.”

“I used these letters as my personal inspiration (especially on days when my spirit needed boost).”

“Jim, you may be a long way away from Perth, Western Australia, but your words echo powerfully across the globe. Thanks for regularly adding inspiration to my week and challenging my thinking.”

“Teach, inspire, motivate --- Jim's monthly email does it all. Thank you!”

“Jim, I have always found truth in your words and strength in applying them. It must give you great satisfaction in helping others so profoundly - at work, home and in all relationships - it is very powerful stuff.”

“I really enjoy the way the newsletter is presented and do enjoy the video clips. The topics are helpful for the everyday work environment issues.”

Sharing with Colleagues and Team Members (65% of survey respondents pass The Leader Letter on to others each month)

“I look forward every month to this newsletter. I have used both tip/techniques and have shared information with my manager and colleagues on many occasions.”

“The Leader Letter is a wonderful resource for team leaders and team members.”

“I and my team find them very useful to keep abreast of things that are happening and as a reminder of important considerations in our quest to get better.”

“There are often pieces of The Leader Letter that I print and save. I also share some of the information with others.”

“The Leader Letter acts as catalyst for development. I get satisfaction when sharing these thoughts infuses enthusiasm in the team members.”

“I would define useful as inspirational and thought-provoking in the context of your letter and advice. I am an educator with a good relationship with my principal whose leadership skills I admire. When I spot a ‘good’ one that you talk about and that she possesses, I let her know that she's on the right track and to keep it up. While I am 51, she is 38, and I think that being a leader of people can be very challenging. I enjoy being able to lead as a follower and so also enjoy your tips about being part of a team and what is important for leaders.”

“I really enjoy reading the newsletter and often pass on parts of it to my co workers.”

“The Leader Letter is great conversation starter and has helped my team recognize and deal with some internal issues before they became moose on our table. Keep up the good work.”

Personal/Professional Growth and Development

“I find the information very motivational to me, inspiring me to pursue my own development, as an employee and a leader.”

“I set aside a time to initially scan the latest edition, then print off articles of particular and current interest to read on flights, waiting in airports and quiet times to allow digestion of the content. Often I leave them on a seat then watch others pick them up and start to read them. A silent passing of the wisdom so to speak. Please continue!”

“This is such a well thought out and well put together newsletter. I refer back to it at least once a week. Either you are a great communicator or you have a fantastic editorial team; probably a combination of both. I am sure many look forward to the monthly newsletter and I am confident that it has helped more people than you will ever know. Keep up the good work.”

“It's my favorite ‘professional development’ vehicle...that comes to me in my own home, to read at my convenience - in the middle of the day or night - and in my PJs if I want!” :)

“The Leader Letter makes me take the time to ‘think’ in a world so busy I am missing my needed time out to reflect and change myself.”

“Thanks for some inspirational help and a very invigorating ‘outside view’ which is not always easy to obtain otherwise!”

“I find The Leader Letter useful to stimulate my thinking and it often pushes me to investigate a subject further. Your linking of the theory to real life gives meaning to the subject matter."

“When I sense I'm slipping back into my old habits, I either read the last copy you sent me or I go to your site to bring myself back on track!”

“I welcome The Leader Letter with hopes of learning something new. I am never let down, thanks.”

“This is an excellent newsletter and I look forward to it every month. I am new to the training profession and I am very interested in leadership.”

“Keep up the good the end of a day I like to spend 1/2 an hour reading info from your website to refresh and recharge. Your website and The Leader Letter are great.”

“It's great to receive these letters on a monthly basis. Not only is it a reminder to continually keep up with professional development but it also is a great reminder to stop for a moment to reflect on the skills we know and should be applying to lead our teams.”

“I look forward to The Leader Letter each month. It's a reminder to step back, breath and reflect on my current situation. The stories and issues are real and they are representative of something I've experienced, witnessed or done (feel shame) in the past month.”

Staying in Touch With or Building upon Jim’s Work

“I have come across many ‘Clemmer Quotes’ over the course of my years in leadership and have even used some of them in presentations. It is delightful to finally make the move to receiving The Leader Letter. Thanks!”

“Jim, I have been a fan of yours since Firing on all Cylinders keep it up!”

“Thank you, Jim. After attending one of your workshops in Calgary over 4 years ago, The Leader Letter serves as a booster shot for me. I am relatively new to management/leadership and I value the words of wisdom and practical applications I find in your articles and books. I especially enjoy ‘Thoughts That Make You Go Hmmm?’ Once again thank you.”

“I enjoy the books and the newsletter and continue to find improvement opportunities in myself and my organization.”

“You have a solid leadership program. I have attended several ‘management seminars’. After reading your book The Leader’s Digest, I am shocked at the number of managers, that just ‘do not get it’. Lead people/Manage inventory. How simple is that!”

“I enjoy the newsletter and the books a great deal. I use the 'Clemmer approach' in my work in Interior Health in B.C. and am about to go international with my workshops in personal leadership for front line nursing staff. Your sales may rocket!”

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