The Lifewriting Professional
Submitted On 2009-04-13

The Lifewriting Professional contains informative, punchy articles to help people who help individuals to preserve memoir whether in writing, in video, or in scrapbooks. The e-zine articles are full of information about how to market services, how increase profitability, how to work smarter and not harder. Hands on in orientation, it often contains stories about other memoir professionals who are making a success of their work. In addition, the newsletter contains updates on professional-development tele-classes and other programs. Free, stand- alone tele-seminars are usually announced only in the e-newsletter and so are available only to subscribers. The e-newsletter is generally published every two weeks.

Target Audience: memoir professionals. The newsletter is also appropriate for other small businesses such as therapi

Tags: teach memoir writing, memoir professional, memoir business, teach memoir workshops, develop memoir w

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"Before reading The Lifewriting Professional, I felt very isolated, like I was the only one doing this work. I have enjoyed learning more about this work and learning what it was I didn't know I didn't know! Your articles always seems to provide what I need to know."

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