The Many Parts of You
Submitted On 2009-02-06

Many people talk about the many different ways in which we can 'improve' ourselves and perhaps overcome certain habits, and sometimes we may be able to implement them.

But do we really change, and do we have the knowledge and ability to change?

After many years of studying people's behaviour, in particular are their ability to change, Jan sky has developed a process that truly motivates that behavioural change!

The process - ESI (Executive State Identification) evolved from Freud's Ego Theory. In it Jan discusses how our personalities are mad up of many different parts or states and how whichever state is 'executive' at any given time, it consumes our thinking and affects the behaviour we display. By identifying our different states we create the opportunity to change the inhibiting parts/s (state/s) and put into executive a state more appropriate to the situation at hand; in effect, 'to improve ourselves'.

To find out more about this life-change process, contact Jan at Sky Training on 1300 787 694 or email

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Testimonial for The Many Parts of You

'Clarity' Jan's book and her unique skills can be summed in that single word. Jan's ability to help her clients, her friends and now with this book, her readers, comes from her innate understanding of how to help us identify and remove blocks, both emotional and intellectual, to clear thinking, giving us the momentum to move forward, toward our goals." Jack Fraenkel, Motivatories

"The implication in one's professional and personal life are huge. Reactionary? Proactionary? Knowing what ego states one has means freedom of choice of behaviour and emotions." Lyn Macintosh, Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practioner.

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