The Marnie Minute
Submitted On 2009-02-12

Frequent updates for church Women's Ministry Leaders, Christian Women Speakers and authors regarding training, resources and encouragement from Marnie Swedberg. Ideal for women who want to live out their full potential in Christ while increasing their effectiveness and sphere of influence.

Target Audience: Women, Christian Women Speakers, Women's Ministry Leaders

Tags: Women's Ministry, Christian women, women speakers, women authors, media

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Testimonial for The Marnie Minute

"Marnie allows God to give her fresh understanding of His work in her life and is able to glean from the joys, sorrows, struggles and successes she is experiencing. Her humor, sense of detail, compassion, understanding, along with her ability to communicate heart issues always leave me refreshed and encouraged." Gwynn Conrad, Missionary to Spain with Avant Missions. Abanya Mureithi of Kenya, East Africa wrote, " The support is great and I have so much to apply and implement which I believe will enrich the ministry greatly. I thank God for stumbling across your website! I know it wasn’t a mistake, but Gods doing."

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