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Submitted On 2011-01-29

Free weekly Hints and Tips for media appearances, PR, speaking and social media. Alan Stevens, the ezine author, is President of the Global Speakers Federation, and media consultant to BMW, Virgin, and many other international brands.

Target Audience: Business professionals, Speakers

Tags: Media,PR,Speaking,Marketing,Social Media

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Ezine Owner: Alan Stevens

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Circulation: 5,000++

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Testimonial for The MediaCoach

"Hi Alan,

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your newsletter every week. As a language fusspot and someone who gets bored very easily, the majority of newsletters end up being deleted unread. I read yours from end to end every week, and there’s always something in it that I want to tell someone or find out more about.

Thank you for livening up my inbox."

Fiona Mocatta, Business Owner

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