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Submitted On 2007-02-09

By subscribing to my Free Newsletter you will learn how to:

· get out of debt

· overcome fear

· improve the quality of your life

· make better decisions

· think like a millionaire

· make your first, second and third million

· build the home of your dreams

· get what you really want

· beat your competitors

· get a rise in salary

· become a master of words

· get started

· increase your net worth

· become your own boss

· delegate more efficiently

· lose weight

· invest your money

· retire rich

· make money without investing one cent!

· achieve peace of mind

· invest in gold and timber

· receive a generous return on investment

· become financially independent

· become a bestselling co-author

· earn one million euros in less than one year

· earn one million euros in three months

· become a reseller or a country distributor

· make money with your web site

· win a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea

· become a multimillionaire

· achieve happiness and fulfilment

Every single e-mail newsletter (Ezine) gives you the opportunity to answer a quiz question and to win a prize.

Target Audience: Motivated individuals looking for inspiration to get started and looking for tips how to get started

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Testimonial for The MillionaireMaker Ezine

"This book will help you achieve financial success faster than you ever thought possible" Brian Tracy - Best-selling author and speaker - California , United States of America

“The MillionaireMaker is written by a man I have learned to know as a focused and dedicated businessman who knows how to create an exceptional business where most would say it is impossible. It is this internal power to focus on his goals and the simple tools he himself has proved to be effective that he is sharing with us in this book. My advice is that everybody who wants to create financial freedom for themselves and their family should read the book and follow the advice within it. If you do, I can guarantee that you will be better off than before. This might be your most important investment ever." Tor Anders Petteroe - Founder of the TOWAH Group - Oslo, Norway

“Matthias Schmelz is a man of action and a wealth-building expert. He transmits his exceptional knowledge in an easy and comprehensible fashion”. Alex S. Rusch - Publisher of the success magazine “Noch erfolgreicher!” Boniswil, Switzerland

“Cometh the hour, cometh the Man... Matthias Schmelz has drawn on his own success in business and that of others to produce a fresh, lively, practical guide to business and personal motivation relevant to the times in which we live today.” Jeremy Blatch, Investment Advisor

“The MillionaireMaker is a winner! I love it! The Path to success is always assured when one has a guide. This easy to follow blueprint is a must read for anyone who's ever asked - 'How can I get more out of life? ” Gregory Scott Reid -The Millionaire Mentor - San Diego, California, United States of America

The MillionaireMaker is the most complete collection of how-to-grow-rich knowledge. Every chapter is filled with profound wisdom and practical advice making it an invaluable book to the insights of becoming a millionaire. This book is a must-read” Gernot Artner, author of Losing Out – No Thanks; The Winning Formula for Becoming a Guru - Singapore

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