The Occasional Newsletter
Submitted On 2006-07-15

Cynthia McKenna, counselor and life coach, brings her clients and friends tips for personal success. In the occasional Newsletter, you will find information for improving your relationships, reducing stress, book recommendations, and the occasional dog or tomato story. Cynthia McKenna, LPC, NCC, works with clients in her Texas Hill Country office as well as throughout the country by phone and online.

Target Audience: Men and women who want to have happier relationships, and more joy in thier lives.

Tags: counseling, life coaching, self-help, couples, stress, tomatoes, dogs, book recommendations, cynthia

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Ad Rates: possible in the future - probably $10 per issue

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Cynthia McKenna - 210 557-1715 or email

Ezine Owner: Cynthia McKenna

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Cynthia can be reached at or

Circulation: 100+ currently and grwoing monthly+

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Testimonial for The Occasional Newsletter

Here is a response from an EzineArticles fav., received July 13th, 2007


Beautiful... your writing is poetry and I LOVE the template. You picked a great one! I think this should do for you just fine - great photos by the way.


Dina Giolitto Head Copy Chick --------------------------------------------------------- Sign up for our Copywriting and Marketing Ezine: []

and from another marketing professional:

Congratulations, Cynthia! Every newsletter gets better and better!

Loved your tomato/raccoon story. The bane of my corn and sunflowers was a family of squirrels.

See you this evening, Jeanne

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