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Submitted On 2006-07-14

We have been publishing our free weekly newsletter for over 18 months, giving out valuable business startegies and money-making advice. The newsletter is issued once per week, usually on a Sunday/Monday and contains no more than 6 ads. We generated well over 1000 active subscribers just using free marketing ideas, which we share each week to allow our subscribers to proift from our knowledge.

Our topics are hugely varied, from Stocks and Shares, MLM, Advertising, Blog&Ping, Marketing, Personal Development, and of course the Someinfo4U paid monthly magazine

Target Audience: People looking to get ahead online, steer clear of scams, and ultimately work for themselves through

Tags: Business, Opportunity Seekers, Advertising, Work-From-Home, MLM, blog and ping

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I only wish your product had been available when I first started marketing on the internet! This is a must read for the "newbie" as well as the "seasoned internet marketer". This information is outstanding..."a true road map to success"... for every internet marketer! A tremendous resource for boosting our sales and signups!

Jim Ragsdale

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