The Prepared Pantry Baking Book
Submitted On 2009-02-04

Be a better baker! Get the most comprehensive downloadable home baking guide you have ever seen!

To get your free, 250-page e-book, How to Bake, just tell us where to send it. No purchase required. No obligation. We only need an email address and first name. And we will protect your privacy.

Save it, print it, add it to your kitchen library. We will email you a chapter a week for eight weeks.

Target Audience: women, 25-60 years old, married, with kids

Tags: baking, cooking, help, how-to, information, recipes, class

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Testimonial for The Prepared Pantry Baking Book

“Easy to read, follow & extensive pictures! Thank you so much for adding to my cooking library!”—OF

“Very well written!! Totally geared toward the was awesome! Your recipes are the best on the internet.”--Leah “It was just absolutely great. I don't see how you could improve on something so perfect.”—CF

“wonderful recipes and the pictures of the finished product. Offering these lessons free is wonderful and appreciated.”—LH

“Just wanted to say a very big thank you. What a wonderful gesture on your part to do this for all of us. It is very clear and easy to understand and filled with GOOD recipes. Thank you so much!”—RB

“More, More, More! You have gotten me back into the kitchen and enjoying it so very much once again!”—CP

“very informative, great easy to follow recipes.”—BL

“Just keep sending those wonderful books.”—MN

“down to earth approach to baking”—MW

“lots of information and tried and true recipes”—unknown

“I saved it all, printed it and will save it for my daughter until the time she shows interest in cooking/baking.”—BP

“Thanks for this wonderful book. God bless you & your work.”—unknown

“The book as really helped me and I would like to receive more of this in the future.”—TA

“Thanks so much! Like to learn about the science it takes to bake, because that's exactly what it is. Never too old to learn new things about ingredients and how they work together.”—unknown

“It's fantastic!”—Cheryl

“I just want to say, I looked forward to Friday mornings coming to work to see my new chapter waiting in my email... Thanks”—SN

“I'm also a 4-H leader, and think the info will be very beneficial to young adults taking baking projects.”—unknown

“I am going to request another copy to be sent to me because my daughter, who is a senior in college, was home this last weekend, loved the book that I put together and took it back to school with her.”—PN

“Can't wait for another publication!”—Trish

“I especially liked the recipes after the text to explain. I liked the information. I found it very useful.”—JR

“clear pictures, good recipes, and lots of information”—unknown

“I loved the step by step descriptions and great pictures. . . I have them all and use them regularly! Thanks so much.”—Vicki

“The way it flowed and explained everything”—PR

“easy to follow for beginners like me.”—LT

“Each chapter was helpful and informative even for someone who is experienced in baking.”—JC

“this was so wonderful, thank you”—CH

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