The Prepared Pantry Baking Lessons
Submitted On 2009-02-04

Get eight free baking lessons from the pros! There’s no cost and no obligation. Learn at home in your spare time.

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Learn the techniques of the pros!

Learn how to bake Royal Lemon Pie, Dilly Cheese Bread, German Chocolate Cheesecake, American Hamburger Buns, and much more!

Target Audience: women, 25-60 years old, married, with kids

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Testimonial for The Prepared Pantry Baking Lessons

“The whole idea was wonderful! I didn't have to go anywhere to go to class!”

“Everything was super fantastic!!! As a 4-H project leader in foods and nutrition, I found this course to be absolutely the best. There is so much useful information in it that explains the why’s and the how’s of baking!”

“I liked the information that I didn't know, even after years of being a baker! I enjoyed the recipes, too!”

"Everything was valuable and so appreciated. Please do not change a thing!”

”Keep up the good work! I for one, really appreciate your doing this for us! It has been SOOOOOO HELPFUL! I'd hate to think what a course like this in college would cost today!! Thanks a million!!!”

“Keep up the good work!”

“I could do it at my schedule!”

“I liked the lessons about cooking basics.”

“The information was very easy to read.”

“Even though I have been baking for years, I learned things that will really help in my future baking. Thank you.”

“I liked learning to do bread right!!”

“Easy to read - easy to print.”

“Practical recipes right after the lesson.”

“The lessons were very well presented.”

“Keep up the excellent work. It is very much appreciated. I love your hints, tips, and great recipes. I just love your site, and the wonderful advice and help you supply. You must put a lot of work into this, and I am very grateful. Thanks.”

“Detailed easy instruction.”

“ALL of the information!!”

”There was nothing not to like.”

“You took the time to explain everything and then showed how it worked.”

“Keep up the great work!! You are a special gift to those of us who would like to be better homemakers but are too scared to show our ineptitude by asking for help!!”

“The easy instructions helped me learn things not to do.”

"I enjoyed the course very much and would look forward to others."

“I liked the chemical interactions of ingredients. It was something I didn't know much about, and it was handled using layman's terms that made it easy to understand.”

”Just keep up the good work. I really don't cook OR bake that much for just me and my husband, but I intend to try a lot of the recipes.”

“I liked the explanation of why the ingredients work the way they do.”

“Thank you for having it.”

“It was easy to understand and very informational.”

“There wasn't anything I didn't like!”

“I just want to say thank. The more I can learn the better my family will eat and be healthy.”

“I like the way I was able to follow along.”

“It was all interesting!”

“It was great and very well put together. You made it interesting and I felt like I just couldn't start soon enough to try out the lesson and apply the info. The recipes were great. Thank you and looking forward to the next class.”

”Let's have another soon.”

“I have been baking since I was 10 years old, now 69 and am always happy to learn a few new things. Thank you.”

“I especially enjoyed your section on Scones. I have used my mother-in-law’s old recipe and even though they are delicious they are dry. I was happy to see some new ideas.”

“You did a really good job. I learned a lot.”

“I thought the lessons were wonderful for a beginner or expert. Lots of hints and recipes.”

“Keep up the good work. I enjoyed it and I am keeping them so my nieces can learn how to bake.”

“It was easy to follow and understand.”

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