The Profit Repairman
Submitted On 2008-08-05

The Profit Repairman’s” ® Lifelong Mission: Increasing the Success Rate of Small and Mid-Sized Businesses to Correct This On-Going Crisis Facing America and the World.

There is a Crisis Affecting Small and Mid-Sized Businesses in the U.S. and the World! -The survival rate of new companies in the U.S. are around 66% for the first 2 years from opening and 44% survive 4 years, that number greatly decreases as the years’ mount. What about the IMPACT ON THEIR LIVES and the lives of the family members of those owners and associates that are in the 56% and more range? WE have to do something about this TODAY, for everyone’s tomorrow! “The Profit Repairman’s”® Goal Is To Do 3 Things For Small And Mid-Sized Businesses To Address This On-Going Crisis: Reach, Teach and Send! - I want to Reach as many small and mid-sized businesses as I can. - I want to Teach every small and mid-sized business owners and those associates, rock solid, time tested principles for their individual and company’s success. “And then, because words are meaningless without actions behind them” - I want to Send small and mid-sized businesses into motion with concrete, corrective action plans to implement TODAY, so that the owners and associates have a tomorrow to look upon.

Target Audience: Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

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