The Virtual Moment of Joy
Submitted On 2010-04-16

Laughter is the Best Medicine! Want to brighten your day?

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We offer a light-hearted, helpful mini-enote featuring a joke, fun tip, brief stress reliever, humorous hint... just a small way to add a bit of joy to your life... if even for a moment!

Target Audience: Anyone looking to relieve stress

Tags: coaching, humor, laughter, stress, joke, tips, joy

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"Hello KC, My name is Michael Chase. I am an inspirational speaker and founder of The Kindness Center in Maine. I just had to give you a little feedback on something. Living in such a digital, email, ezine crazy sure is nice to receive something "real" every once in a while. I'm all about being kind to the earth, less paper, etc...but It feels great to actually hold a newsletter in my hand! Unlike the dozens I receive electronically...I actually read yours!! : ) Thanks for the inspiration. " Michael

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