The WoW Druid Newsletter
Submitted On 2009-02-16

The newsletter on everything to do with the Druid Class in the World of Warcraft. From gear, to talent builds and great resources on learning to play your Druid at it's best this casual newsletter covers Balance, Feral and Restoration Druid Builds. The focus is on having a good time playing your Druid and improving your overall performance in-game!

Target Audience: Men and Women from 13 to 45

Tags: wow druid, druid, druids, balance druid, feral druid, restoration druid, druid weapons, druid spells

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Testimonial for The WoW Druid Newsletter

"Thanks for the good info and heads up on the Druid sites online. You've pointed me in the right direction on a few things and let me know about a lot of sites and I'd never been to before. Boomkins FTW!" Chris F.

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