Submitted On 2007-03-20

A free, online-only publication that is presented entirely like a print magazine, only with interactive gadgets a glossy mag could never offer.

The content focuses on rock and indie music, general interest cinema, television, video gaming, printed works, charitable organizations and other pop-culture subjects.

Target Audience: music and film fans primarily aged 16-30

Tags: music, movies, entertainment, television

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Ad Rates: $100-500

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Ezine Owner: Brenden Masar

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Circulation: 2000++

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Testimonial for TheMagazine

comments left on the myspace page:

"TheMagazine is in a league of its own.

The layout is by far the best/simplest of any other website of the same category!

keep it up."

"Why haven't I heard of this before? I love how it's not polluted with ads and other Capitalistic Garbage."

"oh how great to see a magazine about true art and not just the oh so "popular" ones! thanks for all you do to support the artists!"

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