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Submitted On 2010-06-03

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8 months ago, I wouldn’t have talked the way I do now, dress the way I do now or even think a second of being “successful” with women. I was a totally different person. I was too busy procrastinating with the Pick Up Artist (PUA) community’s online resources to accept being myself and use what I already have to my advantage. Then I met Neil, who after a short while became my mentor as well as a close friend, he taught me useful methods, mindset shift and self-help systems that rapidly made a new man out of me. That's what Neil does, he takes you as you are and makes you 10 times better.

Neil is not only a really successful teacher but also a really successful person in life, he is a man that can throw a serious party and believe me... I don’t regret a second having decided to step forward and trust him to help me handle my life. He pushes you to do things that you’re not used to and at first, you feel like quitting. But after a few sessions you realise that you are worth something and can have the woman you deserve. You just can’t wait for what he has in store for you next! Look at my pictures for proof of this, I used to be shy and lack confidence. Now, well, a picture paints a thousand words!

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