Total Transformation: An Inside Job
Submitted On 2006-07-16

A weekly ezine for people seeking clarity and meaning in their life. The articles are both thought provoking and practical, challenging our perspectives on life and inspiring the reader to reach for higher levels of self-awareness.

Target Audience: Male/Female 30+ searching for meaning and purpose in their life

Tags: life balance, life purpose, transformation, fulfilment, life path, life journey

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Ezine Owner: Jenny Mallos

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Circulation: 250+

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Testimonial for Total Transformation: An Inside Job

'I am quite fond of your newsletters but the last two almost had me in tears how accurate they were. I felt that my life had been intercepted by a laser!' Maya

'Dear Jenny

Just had to write to say a big 'thankyou' for today's newsletter It is brilliant and just what I needed to 'hear'.

The past few days I have been wallowing in self pity and don't care attitude.

Thank you for giving me my spirit back!!!!!!!!!!!' Sheryl

'Oh Jen, this is beautiful and a real gift to me right now, thanks for your impeccable timing ( as if it can be any other way....) so really what I'm saying then is thanks for being YOU. NOW. Your writing is powerful. I love the simplicity and realness.' Bernie

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