Transformational Inquiry
Submitted On 2007-01-21

Transformational Inquiry is the newsletter for supporting self-inquiry in your life and work using THe Work of Byron Katie. Written by Carol L. Skolnick, M.A. of Clear Life Solutions, a longtime facilitator of The Work, Transformational Inquiry brings you helpful articles and information about applying inquiry to all of life's stressors in order to life in peace and joy.

Target Audience: Those who practice The Work and anyone interested in stress reduction, better relationships, spiritu

Tags: Byron Katie, The Work of Byron Katie, The Work, Inquiry, Meditation

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Testimonial for Transformational Inquiry

"You are a source of good ideas, as always." --F.N., Redwood City, CA

"I'm a social worker and when I tell my collegues about The Work they often nod and tell me that they understand what it is: it's like the CBT (or REBT). So this helps a bit more to clarify the difference between the two." --Robert

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