Understanding the Puzzle of Your Behaviour
Submitted On 2009-02-07

Are you satisfied with your performance?

Chances are you’re not! Maybe you want to be more innovative, decisive, creative, profitable, etc. Or maybe you want to be thinner, wealthier, more disciplined, buy a nicer home, be a better mum, dad, partner, etc. Because you aren’t quite satisfied (possibly in more than one area) you’re probably pushing yourself hard to 'improve'. You talk about it, say you will do it, focus your mind to it, write it down and post it on the fridge - and then don’t!

Our behaviour becomes a puzzle and solving the puzzle can be a challenge!

ESI® – Executive State Identification – is the answer to your behaviour puzzle and it works quite simply like this:

Imagine you have been invited to a party next Saturday night and part of you wants to go, and yet another part is reluctant. Which part do you listen to? Which part wins? Choosing whether or not to go to a party is usually an easy decision and conducted by some sort of process of elimination in our mind. Choosing to be more decisive, innovative or people-focussed in the workplace maybe isn’t quite so easy.

ESI® is a process that identifies ‘the many parts of you’ and these parts are called states. The state that is ‛in executive’ demonstrates your behaviour. As we are constantly moving in and out of different states during the course of any given day, our behaviour changes according to which state is in executive. When a state is not in executive it is called an 'underlying state'. That means that it is waiting for its opportunity to be executive at another time. These states form our ‘personality’, which is a mixture of how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us!

To find out what our states are and how they behave, we create a state map. Once your states have been mapped, you can clearly identify any states which are inhibiting your success or progress towards a particular goal. The next step is to rearrange your states so that they support your success. Sound confusing? It is really quite simple, however, it takes an accredited ESI® Partner to work with you, firstly to map your states and secondly to identify the inhibiting states affecting your success.

For more than 25 years, I have been involved in training, mostly in the interactive area of communications, either by leadership, team building, conflict resolution or customer service, working with organisations and their staff to move change. Addressing behavioural changes has been my primary objective because I believe that you couldn’t simply run a training course and expect change, you need to work with people after the training to ensure change.

Developing ESI® enabled me to identify the behaviour of individuals and, by mapping their states, I was better able to identify the states from which they were operating and what was needed to affect change. I was working from the premise that not ‘all of the person’ needed changing, just the inhibiting part/s. The state from which a person’s behaviour is demonstrated is called the executive state … if the executive state was inappropriate to the enhancement of good relationships, that state needed to be identified and its existence justified. A state identification allowed the individual to gain self-awareness and this would lead to the ‘reshuffling’ of states, to bring about behavioural change … change that was necessary to positively affect the fundamental behaviour of the individual.

An ESI® process is conducted by an ESI® Partner, with the individual’s input and involvement. This in itself makes the process a very powerful one, as it allows the individual to take ownership and work towards achieving their goals. Individuals are more empowered to seek change than by any other means I have encountered in the past. ESI® supports all behavioural profiles that are in the market place today, ie. DISC, MBTI, Apollo, TMS, etc.

Small businesses through to large corporations suffer the downfall of individuals who are not committed to ‘the workplace goals’, or who are acting from inappropriate executive states, thus ultimately making the journey to the goal harder and longer. ESI® has been used successfully in training and coaching to help clients achieve their very best.

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Testimonial for Understanding the Puzzle of Your Behaviour

With the book "The Many Parts of You" Jan Sky has opened the door to a simple and effective way to dealing with our own blocks to achieving what we want from life. Jan's style and ease of writing give us an accessible tool that we can use whenever and where ever we choose. This book is a gift." Liz Cassidy, Managing Director, Third Sigma International

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