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Submitted On 2007-08-13

Educating, Motivating, Connecting, and Entertaining.

This weekly newsletter features wisdom from people who have experienced success. What these people hold in common is that they have a story to tell that can be educational, entertaining and a good tool for your walk through life.

Some may wonder exactly what success means or who "VIPs" are. We think that success is happiness or fulfillment and everyone with a story to tell is a VIP. The homemaker is successful if she is able to raise her children with the same values that her parents instilled in her, while the CEO is successful if he has added value to his company. In addition, the small business owner is successful if she is able to create a loyal customer base and strengthen her ties to the community, while the mayor is successful if he is able to rally the town around a cause such as helping out a family that experienced a house fire. In other words, success is what we make of it.

The VIP Profiles is generated by two western New York College Students (Ben and Joe). Both plan on being Billionaire's by age 30.

Target Audience: People who are interested in reading short biographies and interviews. People who want to be Educate

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Testimonial for VIP Profiles

Email from a reader who we connected with one of our "VIP's"

Dear VIP guys -

Thank you so much for all your help. You have gone WAY beyond anything I expected and I am very grateful. As soon as the weekend is over I'll get in touch with the people you've recommended and try to get my hands on that book as well.

I'll also let you know how things are going since you've clearly become my little project's midwife!

All the best to you, too.


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