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Submitted On 2010-10-14

Helping you become more effective, more productive and as a result more successful and happier in what you do.

Varda Kreuz News is committed to helping its readers grow both personally and professionally with tips and ideas in areas such as sales, sales management, time management, leadership, communication, marketing and goal setting.

Target Audience: Sales People, Sales Managers, Small and Medium Sized Business Owners, Sole Traders

Tags: Sales, Sales Training, Sales Management, Grow Your Business, Close More Sales, Sales Techniques, Sel

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Just read your newsletter and I just wanted to say that it is brilliant a real lesson in how to get attention and keep it. I can only assume, based on this evidence, that your training courses are equally professional and effective. If I were in the market for your service Id be beating down your door to book

Well done

Jiles Halling

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