Wake Up Calls
Submitted On 2007-02-05

Wake Up Calls is a harsh, instructive and amusing monthly ezine, providing a variety of suggestions for living life with more awareness, more aliveness, more joy.

Are you sleeping your life away? Join the newly committed to waking up, and begin a new way of life.

New members will be provided with my awesome Waking Up Crash Course, absolutely FREE!

Five brief and simple lessons designed to give you a brand new view of Life, living and who you really are. Don't miss out on this.

Target Audience: Interested in the further reaches in human exploration and development.

Tags: attention, awareness, training

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Ezine Owner: Aaron McNaught

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Testimonial for Wake Up Calls

Aaron has an easy way of teaching, enlightening and empowering, that is like no other. It's all so simple that a person should figure it out themselves, and yet, once it's pointed out, one will probably never live life quite the same again! I am a better person for the knowledge given to me and am truly blessed to have come across his teachings. ~ Sheri Brons - Alberta Seminar Participant

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