Wealth Theory
Submitted On 2007-03-05

Hello and welcome to the wealth theory report. Today we are going to talk about a principle called Be-Do-Have.

Understand that most people in the world follow a different principle called Have-Do-Be. These are the people that always say, if I only had more money I could invest, if only I had more time I could start a business. If I only had bla, bla, bla, I could then be wealthy.

Now most of you have heard the national statistic that 97% of the people by age 65 are either dead or dead broke.

The reason is, these people think that making more money and having more time has to do with working harder or getting lucky and has nothing to do with the way they come to making a decision.

Most people when you talk to them and ask them what they want out of life say things like, I want to spend more time enjoying life and be able to travel the world, yet statistically only 21% of the entire population even have a passport, however 54 Billion dollars was spent on lottery tickets in 2005 alone.

Which group of people do you think are more likely to travel the world?


Now let me share some statistics of the people who are waking up literately in the thousands each day to a new way of thinking.

Currently there are over 8 million people who have a net worth of a million dollars.

600,000 people entered the world’s millionaire group last year along

And there are currently 430,000 US households that have a net worth of 10 million and up.

What are these people all of a sudden learning? They are learning about the principle Be-Do-Have.

Let me share it with you.

The Be-Do-Have principle says that in order for you to have something you must first take on that roll of already having it. So if your goal is to be a Millionaire then every choice you are given on a daily basis you simple ask yourself the question: If I already was a millionaire what would I choose….

Be-Do-Have is simply, Be the person first, do what that person would do then you will have what that person has.

To make it stronger, what I do is pick someone who is already making the kind of money I want to be making.

For example Donald Trump or Howard Hughes.

So if given a decision which I feel will take me closer to my goals but seams to be bigger then I can handle at the time, I simply ask the question “what would Donald Trump do?” and I immediately get the answer.

So what ever decision you are faced with that you feel you don’t have the money or the time to take advantage of a situation simply ask yourself the question if I was already a millionaire what would I do?

It really is as simple as that.

If what I am saying defies logic for you then there is no doubt that you are going to one of the people who are dead or dead broke by age 65.

If that’s the case I would heavily study the Be-Do-Have principle until I did understand it because whether you know it or not or whether you believe it or not. The principle does apply to your life.

This is Carol Mason see you next week on the wealth theory report.

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