Web Site Tips: Bits and Bytes of Riveting Help!
Submitted On 2011-10-16

What are Bits and Bytes you ask? Well a Bit is ". . . short for binary digit, the smallest unit of information on a machine." (Webopedia) A Byte is ". . . a basic unit of measurement of information storage."

Together they make up these two amazing fun-loving and hilarious furry virtual site building whiz kids who carefully sift through cyber space to gather golden nuggets of the best web site building tips. Then they pass these web site tips along to you.

"Because more meaningful information is obtained by combining consecutive bits into larger units such as a byte. . .", (Webopedia), we are pleased to offer you the incredible benefits of both!

Bits and Bytes happen to be two of the top legendary WWW (Yup, of the entire World Wide Web!) renowned cyber sleuths of all time.

We've been fortunate to engage their services to exclusively provide subscribers with the combined genius of Bits and Bytes to ensure you receive the most riveting, knock-your-socks-off web site tips, site building strategies, and techniques that will help you grow your site in a successful and profitable ebusiness.

Bits and Bytes send their special gems of web site building tips and profit generating strategies that include:

- Alerts about a new social site to join that will give your site great exposure - A quick and easy "to do" to improve your site - A different sales technique to try - A new site building strategy to test out

Or other helpful and valuable site building tips


Target Audience: Anyone isterested in creating their own online business and going to work in their most comfy P.J.'s

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Testimonial for Web Site Tips: Bits and Bytes of Riveting Help!

You will get priceless web site tips that spur you into action, ensuring that your small web business soars to the very top of the search engines and earns you a qazillions, bazillion dollars! Humbly Submitted by, Bits and Bytes Renowed Cyber Sleuths and Site Building Wizards

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