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Submitted On 2008-06-07

The wide availability and use of internet services demands that every business, no matter what size, has a presence on the Web.

Individuals and companies use the Internet as a common and cost effective tool to search for their suppliers whether the need is for a service company e.g. a firm of Accountants or Solicitors or a supplier for a major Corporate.

It is essential for any business seeking success to have some presence on the Internet. It is even more important to make sure that the presence is effective in marketing terms e.g. the web site must describe and present you as a professional organization.

Get your website designed professionally at an affordable price:

At TECHNO we will only find very uniquely designed sites in a number of categories including a range of personal web pages, small business web pages, and ecommerce websites. Our technical team can design website that meet your needs. In addition to being one of the quickest ways to build a web page, our TECHNO website service is also one of the most affordable. Our TECHNO web services can truly transform your existing website. We can exclusively develop a website within days, that can put you on the Internet map and could this be the right time for your business take advantage of our services. With the cost of developing your site this low, who wouldn’t? Prices start from as low as 100*

A website should include:

>> A description of the organization. >> Details of products and services provided including photographs, diagrams or graphical representations. >> The ability for a client to either shop directly from the Web site or at least send an enquiry with details via email. >> The Web site must be hosted suitably to provide access at any time.

Techno Consultancy (UK) Limited specializes in providing a full Web Design and Hosting solution.

Web Design and Hosting Solutions:

>> Domain Name Sourcing and Registration. >> Web Design Services. >> Web Hosting Services. >> eCommerce Solutions (includes on-line shopping cart). >> Search Engine Optimisation.

All at a fixed competitive price.

Techno Consultancy also has fixed price solutions for specific industries and professions including solicitors, accountants, design, print companies etc.

Target Audience: At TECHNO we will only find very uniquely designed sites in a number of categories including a range

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