Weekly Passioneering Tips
Submitted On 2010-03-03

We've been interviewing hundreds of individuals who have leaped fully and prosperously into making the world a better place (aka "Passioneers"™) as part of our Passions and Possibilities Project®. Each week we share a tip, quote, and affirmation to support and inspire others who may be feeling scared or discouraged about their own leap. It's a light, fun, powerful way to move through your week and connect with other Passioneers on the planet. And it testifies to the fact that, when you do what you love and support others, the rest DOES follow.

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Target Audience: Bold, talented individuals who want to do what they love, better the world AND thrive!

Tags: do what you love, make a difference, passioneer, passions, possibilities, Sue Oliver, Powerleaps

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