What If I Win? Lottery Players: Strategies to Consider
Submitted On 2009-02-03

Well, have you thought about it? What if you were the lucky winner of this week’s million dollar lottery jackpot? What would you do?

I’m Darrell L. Feagin, author of the self-help e-book entitled What If I Win? Strategies to Consider. I must say that, barring any prior awareness or planning, it is amazing some of the things I’ve heard and, more specifically, some of the things I’ve learned that lottery players just like you and I have done once they’ve won the lottery.

Of course, the biggest and most drastic thing that’s occurred and continues to repeat itself is that most lottery winners of those massive million dollar jackpots are broke within four to five years after having won the lottery. Why? In many regards, a great deal of their misfortune is a reflection of their lack of awareness about some of the pre-winning pitfalls which could have been avoided or the simple fact that most never gave any serious thought to devising a process or plan should they ever win the lottery, even if this process is nothing more than a mere fantasy exercise in preparation. However, consider the fire drill scenario: none of us hope for a fire in our home, workplace or school, but nevertheless, it’s important to have a plan and to know the routes for escape. Hence, the most important lesson is preparation and knowing what to do.

What I’ve attempted to do in writing “What If I Win?” is to provide lottery players and winners alike with some very important factors that perhaps we all should consider as participants in state lotteries. For example, beginning with the selection of those lucky lottery numbers, as lottery players we have to be very careful and take some much needed precautions as we go about making our number selections. Why is that, you ask? Well, without giving away the full delight and enlightenment of reading my e-book, that wonder is what has led me to have serious concern about the acts and actions of each of us as lottery players and potential lottery winners: lawsuits.

Many of us. as lottery players, are not aware of the numerous lawsuits which have been filed against lottery winners but (trust me) they do exist. As in the example above, selecting lottery numbers was perhaps the least of worries an unsuspecting mother and winner of a multi-million dollar lottery jackpot had on her mind after winning, especially when the person filing the legal complaint against her was her own daughter. In this instance, this matter would be viewed as a pre-lottery winning issue to consider as a lottery player. What is your process for selecting your lottery numbers (on your own, input from others, random selection or quick pick)?

Additionally, there are post-lottery winning issues which arise for lottery winners that can be just as frustrating and costly as the pre-winning ones. As you will learn from reading my book and visiting my website (, having your marital problems in order prior to winning the lottery can really be a significant determiner as to whether you keep all or part of your lottery winnings. For example, some states have been known to divide equally the proceeds from a lottery winner even though he may have been separated from his spouse yet has no final divorce decree prior to winning. Of course, these determinations vary from state to state; however, it’s important to know that if you are playing the lottery under the belief that all your lottery winnings belong to you, think again.

WARNING! Just to follow-up on the previous example for those of you who might consider hiding your lottery winnings, be aware that there have been lawsuits filed and won whereby the non-winning spouse or complaint' was awarded 100% of the winning spouse’s lottery winnings because the winning spouse's actions were considered to be fraudulent.

Well, now that I have your attention and you understand that there is a bit more that should be discussed and considered when having those spending spree dialogues, I would like to invite you back here quarterly to discuss another of such issues confronting us all as lottery players and potentially as lottery winners. Of course, if you can't wait that long or don't think you'll be able to make it back for our next "What If I Win? discussion," then please feel free to visit my website at where you can read my book, review relevant case law, read news articles, watch video and so much more.

So until my next "What If I Win? article and issue are posted (April 1, 2009)" please comment here or at my website and tell us what you would do if you won the lottery? In addition, regarding the issue raised about selecting those lucky lottery numbers, let us know about what your process has been and whether you will consider revising that process.

As always, play responsibly and "GOOD LUCK!"

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