Wildlife Photographer Magazine
Submitted On 2009-03-11

All about wildlife photography in Africa- articles are all written by professional wildlife photographers and safari guides working in the field, giving you all the latest news tips and techniques for better photography.

Target Audience: Photographers and Travel

Tags: Photography, Wildlife Photography Safaris

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Ezine Owner: Gavin St Leger

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Circulation: 500+

Subscription Fee: 8

Frequency of subscription renewal: yearly

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Testimonial for Wildlife Photographer Magazine

I am not sure how you came across my e-mail address but I am very pleased you made contact promoting your new site, Wildlife Photographer Magazine. I have subscribed to the magazine and have spent a couple of hours reading the content and the site in general. I have seen many sites and still look on a regular basis, but most of them fall short of providing the right information and understand the requirements of a wildlife photographer. As a passionate amateur photographer who fell in love with Africa seven years ago I have tried to capture those special moments on my trips. It does seem you guys have captured many of those special moments. After looking at the images on your site and the content in the magazine, you have cracked it. Superb; with first class images and information that can only come from people who understand their subject of wildlife and good photography – a rare package. I look forward to reading the next installment of the magazine and making a contribution to your gallery. Well done.

Michael Huggan

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