Wisdom Words by Dianne Adams May 12th, 2009
Submitted On 2009-05-12

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Wisdom Words for the week of May 12th, 2009

"Today is the day that I offer my strength to the world. I watch the world around me and realize that there can be so much pain and sorrow. Today is the day some cannot find the hope and strength from within to find their light.

Today is the day to offer you that hope and strength. Today is the day that I will stand strong for the ones around me who cannot find their strength.

Let me be the light in your darkness, and let me know that tomorrow, each and every one of you will find your light within. I ask that tomorrow be your day to offer your strength and hope to the ones around you who have lost their light......." Dianne Adams

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"needed that..thanks" Renee

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