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Submitted On 2011-03-18

Writing Points is a monthly ezine of resources and tips for teachers of writing to teens, college students, and adult education students. Most articles focus on teaching nonfiction to students who do not enjoy writing and may struggle with writing. The emphasis is on enabling those students to write nonfiction competently by teaching them strategies they can use in writing situations they are likely to encounter in school/college or on the job.

Each issue includes at least one article discussing how to use some free resource in the context of teaching writing. At least one article per issue is devoted to discussion of some teaching technique or strategy.

The content is applicable to teachers and tutors in a variety of situations, including homeschools as well as public and private schools and colleges. Although many Writing Points readers are English/composition teachers, a significant number are not trained in teaching writing.

Target Audience: teachers and tuors of nonfiction writing to teens, college students, and adults

Tags: teaching writing, English, composition, nonfiction, high school, college, adult education

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Testimonial for Writing Points

Just found your site and was so impressed that I signed up for your ezine and forwarded the link to every writing teacher on campus. Your pragmatic approach is well-suited to our career-minded students, many of whom dread their required composition courses. Thanks for making this available. -- Cecelia

Let me tell you how much I enjoy your newsletters! I'm a homeschool mom, and I haven't been very successful in the past teaching my high school children how to write well. -- Jan

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