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Regular tips sent to writers on a variety of topics to boost their skills and help them get published. Readers can send in topics and ideas - and all articles are archived on the site and then included in a growing "Writing4Success Tipsheet Library". New subscribers can download the whole collection (now five volumes) instantly.

Target Audience: Writers of fiction and non-fiction.

Tags: writing,write a book,write a novel,get published,writing skills,characters,plot

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"You're a born teacher and I believe you have a rare gift, so whatever else you choose to do with your business, please, please, PLEASE don't give up teaching. I know a lot of writers who swear up and down that they wouldn't be writing today if it hadn't been for you - I am one of them. Your enthusiasm for writing shines through everything you do..."

- Jenny Mounfield (author of two published books)

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