You Cutting Hair
Submitted On 2009-02-03

This weekly ezine gives free haircutting information to people who want to learn how to save money and cut hair at home.

Target Audience: People who want to learn how to cut hair at home.

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Ezine Subscription Info: Free mini-course along with free weekly haircutting tips

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Ezine Owner: Nadine Visscher

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Testimonial for You Cutting Hair

Yesterday I cut my hair myself, used a hanging mirror to see the back. I did the same length over all cut and I must say I really like it. In fact, I like it better than the hairdresser I've been going to. With her sometimes I end up with a pointy head or an area in back that is obviously cut straight across instead of just blending in. Other times she cuts my hair too short.

I went slowly and carefully and only cut a little off. It looks great but next time I will cut off just a little shorter, by 1/4 inch.

What fun. Thank you so much!! I feel empowered."

Donna K. Fresno, CA

"This is so great that you have put this information out there for people. I gave myself a haircut right away - really just a trim - but I was very happy with the result! Thanks so much" (Hanjeet T.)

"I received your article and thanks a lot for providing such valuable information." (Shawni R.)

"Thank-you for the information and I do need to know how to cut my own hair as I just came back from the stylist and the cut didn't do much for my face. I now know what to look for after reading your course." (Tammi W.)

"It's so refreshing to deal with an honest person for a change. You stayed true to your word and gave me a refund when i asked for it. I respect you for that. It's a pleasure doing business with you." (Dean W.)

"Thank you for answering my emails. Your help has been so valuable to me" (George V.)

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