Your Basic Yoga Session
Submitted On 2007-12-27

Attending your first yoga class can cause as much stress as learning how to drive. You might be a bit uncomfortable with all the unusual poses and positions that yoga has to offer. But as a starter in yoga, it is important to remember the reasons why you became interested in this form of exercise. It has become a trendy and attainable practice that allows even the most inexperienced student to enjoy more flexibility and strength without all of the superfluous motion that is shared in other forms of exercise.

Basic yoga sessions usually consist of introductions to your yoga instructor and your fellow beginning classmates. Have no fear. Your yoga instructor will push you through each pose or asana. The duty of a yoga teacher is to push you to get the best of a yoga pose both internally and physically. Along with the fluid movement of the yoga poses is the addition of a guided meditation that is meant to bring a sense of relaxation that will open up the possibility for self-awareness.

The key to an excellent yoga session is to find an accomplished instructor. If you have any questions, concerns, or injuries bring them up to your instructor prior to the start of class. This is so they can cater the session to your specific needs.

In deciding on where to take your first basic yoga session you will have a lot of options. One alternative is to go to your local community center or gym and try out a class. Another alternative is to ask around and see which yoga instructor your friends might want to recommend. Since yoga has become obtainable to everyone from the youngest child to the seniors you are sure to find a class that will suit your schedule and level of experience. Keep in mind that yoga is not competitive. The basic yoga session is about being introduced to your mind, body and spirit. Through taking yoga, you will notice a higher knowledge of your body and your environment.

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