Your Gold is Not Really Yours
Submitted On 2007-06-30

Is there any connection between God and Gold? Between Gold and Christianity? Between alien humans and Jesus?

Indeed there is. According to this theory, supported by Sumerian, Babylonian and Biblical references, the creation of Man was the work of alien gods. The reason was to use us as labor. As mineworkers, to begin with, later on even as servants, Temple-priests, hierodules, soldiers and even as Kings. All of them appointed, controlled and manipulated in order to fit into the plans of the gods.

The gold, and other precious metals, transformed into gold powder becomes an elixir for health and longevity. The gods are still using it! The God of the Old Testament provided young Israelites with gold dust (manna) in order to create a unique army. The army was later used to exterminate the Anakim who knew the secrets of the gold powder. Gold powder is also supposed to be a powerful fuel allowing them to make interplanetary journeys. The human mineworkers were sent to the underworld to dig gold for the gods. They never leaved the underground mines and knew nothing about the secrets of the gold. They were kind of ‘living dead’. The gods sent enormous amount of gold to their home planet, or the ‘heavens’ as they used to say.

Some gods revolted against the Commander of the Gold Mission on Earth and revealed the secrets about the gold powder to humans. The Commander declared them all as ‘wicked’ and later managed to exterminate them through genocides and destruction of whole cities. The secrets about the gold were to be ‘preserved in the heavens’.

The human race had to be kept on a low level of knowledge and development in order to be easy to manipulate. Some wished to release more knowledge to us through secrets brotherhoods acting against the will of the Commander. Such a Brotherhood was the Egyptian ‘Brotherhood of the Serpent’ with connection to gods like Enki/Ptah, Hermes and Osiris. This brotherhood was divided in the ‘Brotherhood of the Yellow Dragon’ operating in the East and the ‘Brotherhood of the Red Dragon’ operating in the West. Many other secret brotherhoods have their origins or claim to have their origins from the above two.

Since they were successful in mediating knowledge to the humans against the will of the High Commander, his agents managed to influence and corrupt the original knowledge. The ‘Brotherhood of the Gold’ had the sole purpose to promote and protect the Gold Mission. The corrupted knowledge could continue to influence mankind and new brotherhoods could claim that they had the authority from the gods. Some even claimed that they have the authority from God.

The gods could create wars in order to protect their interests, (the secrets of the gold). The results of those wars were always the neutralization of human development. The more problems the humans faced, the least they would turn their attention to the activities of the gods.

Many Kings around the years between 2000 BCE and 500 BCE were appointed as kings by gods, powered by them with ‘weapons of brilliance’ and directed to war against ‘rebellious’ cities and lands, like Babylon and Egypt.

The gods introduced even religions where science was to be subjected religious dogmas and doctrines. While scientific and philosophical ideas could freely be discussed, dogmas were not open to discussions. Accept it or not. They practiced promises and threats, Reward and punishment, ‘Kingdom of Heavens’ and Hell. They could practically promise anything in order to protect their real identity and hide the purpose of the Gold Mission. Human life was a ‘low-value’ item.

There have been many wars on Earth. The humans are capable to make war and kill each other for every possible and impossible reason. Modern historians make research trying to find the reasons behind many ancient wars. It is always easy to claim that the reasons were of economic nature, interests in lands, water or other resources or whatever. But they never claim that the real reason of many wars was just some order from some god.

Yet, there are many historical documents stating that ‘the king was appointed, powered and directed to war’ against ‘the enemy’’ by some god. Some gods even marched with them in battle.

In the same way the creation of Man is closely connected to Gold, so is also the Deluge, the Tower of Babel, the confusion of the tongues, the megalithic structures around the world, the Argonautic expedition, the Trojan War, the rice of the Roman Empire, the historical Jesus, Christianity, Islam and many other significant events in human history.

We can choose to believe that those gods are nothing more that Mythological characters associated with nature, or powerful aliens interested in our gold. What ever we choose, the truth is going to be known the day they come back for more gold! Some human gold miners, who are not slaves any more but probably in mental religious bondage, have done the digging. The gold is stored and waiting for them.

The Mythological being, the powerful alien and the one who said ‘You shall not worship other gods besides me’ and ‘the silver is mine and the gold is mine’ will show up as one and the same person. And the reason of his comeback will surprise you. He is going to order you (in the name of God) to deliver any gold you have in your possession to the ‘House of God’, because the Gold Mission (of God) is not yet completed. He is considering himself as the owner of our gold!

The book is bringing together historical events, mythology and Biblical references and places them under the authority of powerful gods who used people and events to protect their interests. It presents evidence on why humanity has been created, used, almost exterminated, cheated and manipulated. Perhaps the most significant is not that Yahweh succeeded in manipulating us but we are still allowing him to do that. The memory of our slave-ancestors obligates us to free us from this mental bondage. Since our greatest interest is the future of our children while his interest is our Gold, then our interests are in conflict. We didn’t choose them as our enemies; they did because we refuse to be their slaves any more.

Our existence is a threat to the Gold Mission. Probably they are still directing human development through instructions in holy books and secret societies manipulated to believe they act according to God’s will! The book is provocative and may shake your convictions! For not so long ago, such book could not be allowed to reach the public. Hopefully, we are getting somewhere! But the power of controlling humanity’s future is still far away. If we are producing gold for him, it’s certainly bad enough, but the fact that we are unaware of that is even worst! It is difficult to imagine God saying ‘the gold is mine’ because it was not God but an alien human who said that.

Andreas A. Paris

Learn more about the men who are still directing our future in ‘The Gold Mission – So Far No good’ Also visit the authors website []

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