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View comments Submitted by Steve at Wednesday, 23 May 2007 20:47 Truer words were never spoken. Its cause, I think, is the breakdown in civil society of "civil." A smaller case in point is what went on here in my home town during a local high school graduation. When I graduated high school in 1964, (I know, prehistoric times!) parents and friends waited till all students had their diplomas and then applauded, celebrated, whatever.

Now they yell, scream - one brought a dammed HORN and blew it when his childs name was called to get her diploma - totally disrupting the ceremony. The Superintendent of Public Schools was on hand in one of the high schools and it got so bad *police* had to remove several people from the building and the Superintendent threatened to stop the ceremonies.

The most telling part came afterwards as TV crews interviewed several parents who had been ejected and their students. Not a *one* thought they had done anything wrong. One student said "We're out of here! We're free! Why shouldn't we make a little noise?" And a parent - who gets my award for idiot of the month - said, "Not cheering for your kid is like saying you can't cheer at a sporting event!"

A sporting event? Graduation is a sporting event? What about the other parents - heck, the students - who couldn't hear *their* names called? Rudeness today is an epidemic. Rational debate is a joke. The Golden Age of Athens it isn't.

Oh well, I read somewhere Global Warming may well lead to smaller - brained humans. Looks liked its already started.

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