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Submitted On 2006-11-07

The leading adventure travel e-newsletter. Published 2-3 times per month with content geared towards the curious and adventurous traveler. Features include Top 5 lists, historical and cultural stories, travel tips, contests and featured trips around the world.

Target Audience: travelers, adventurers, teachers, writers, arts & culture, students, travel agents

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"Thank you very much for the G.A.P newsletters. When they show up in my mail box it's like a little bit of hope and sunshine. This is how it happens: I sit at work, bored to death, counting minutes to go home, and then I see your letter and I have something interesting to think about, beautiful pictures to see, and I can at least hope that one day I will go on a trip again. I just came back from a 3-month mini-around-the-world trip and it's so difficult to get back to 'normal'." - Vaneja V., Canada

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