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Submitted On 2008-10-10

The eCoach Sales Skills Newsletter is a monthly selling skills newsletter that helps sales professionals master the Five Critical Selling Skills of Action Selling.

Each month features a new selling skills topic and real life examples that work. eCoach will help the sales professional win more sales as they learn to master the Action Selling Process.

Target Audience: Sales Managers, Sales Executives, Sales Professionals, Business Owners

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Testimonial for eCoach Sales Skills Newsletters

Typical "In the Field" Story featured in every eCoach Newsletter:

Jerry Montgomery, one of the horticultural industry's top sales and marketing consultants, recently spoke about Action Selling's impact on sales performance.

"Today, product and service differentiation is harder to define and communicate," noted Montgomery. "But the right training can translate into increased sales. Action Selling is especially effective because it focuses on unique methods for uncovering the customer's needs, resulting in a differentiated solution."

As the playing field becomes increasingly competitive and the buyer's time is at a premium, innovative sales skills are key to success. "And yet," said Montgomery, "many companies provide their sales organizations with little or no selling skills training with which to meet these challenges."

"With Action Selling," he went on to say, "sellers can turn to the work at hand, confident that they are utilizing the most advanced sales techniques available today. And that's beneficial to the seller, the buyer and the bottom line!"

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