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A free new age ezine for children published 8 times a year. Regular features on environmental activities, astrology, tarot, myth, crafts, cooking, crystals, healing herbs, coloring pages and biographies.

Target Audience: Children 5-13

Tags: pagan, new age, witch, wicca, sabbat, crafts, book of shadows, environmental activities, astrology,

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Ezine Owner: Natalie Zaman

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Circulation: 7K-9K per issue+

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"Broomstix - The Wiccan Magazine for Children! An amazing resource for learning - good for young and old! We really can't say enough great things about our friends Nat & Kat's amazing webzine for magical children, Broomstix. Those children whose curiosity about the magical world have been piqued by the Harry Potter series and other books will find the real magic here and presented with such grace, style, love, beauty and in a fun and easy way. It's so cool and gives us great hopes for the future." Amy Zerner and Monte Farber authors of the Enchanted Tarot, The Enchanted Spell Board and more.

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